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Refund Policy

1. The standard refund processing fee is $25.00 and generally requires a two week time frame.
2. Certain programs or services may have different fees at the discretion of the area director.
3. If a refund is granted and occurs after patron has begun usage, the refund is prorated.
4. Refunds are given due to injuries or illnesses. A medical excuse may be required.
5. Refunds are given if a patron has moved from the area. Documentation may be necessary.
6. If Recreation and Wellness cancels a program or course, a refund is given.
7. For refunds regarding apparel and merchandise, a receipt must be presented with the request within 30 days of the purchase. Allmanufacturers’ policies are honored. These are not subject to refund processing fees.
8. During inclement weather, refunds are only given if the weather is considered Level 2 or 3. No refund is given for Level 1 conditions.

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